Welcome to ShaeJae Dolls

ShaeJae Dolls was created in 2011 by Laura Greffard.. A mother of 2 daughters Jenae and Shae-Lynn.. ShaeJae is not only named after Jenae and Shae-Lynn but they are the inspiration behind it!

About ShaeJae and Care Instructions

ShaeJae, handmade OOAK creations with love. Specializing in Dolls, Quilts and other handmade goodies. All items are handmade by me with my creative hands and sewing machine using my own patterns.

My 2 little girls are the inspiration behind ShaeJae. Just after my first daughter was born I taught myself how to sew and quilt. After I made my first baby quilt I was hooked! I then started a small hob...by business going to local craft shows and fairs selling blankets, burp clothes, quilts and other little goodies. Shortly after my second daughter was born I started making dolls and ponies. Quickly my "hobby" turned into a full blown doll business! My oldest daughter is now heading off to Kindergarten, so I have decided after 2 years I am going to go back to a small hobby business, including all the items I love to make, to spend more of those special moments with my girls... They just grow up way to fast.
ShaeJaes arms body and legs are made using the one piece technique. This allows them to have easy moving legs and arms. They can sit, hug, clap and get into their clothes very easily :) NEW!! I now use a 2 ply yarn while sewing ShaeJae Dolls and Ponies so they are now stronger than EVER!

I roll their heads using my own technique, I want my dolls to have their own "ShaeJae" look, so when you see it you can say "hey thats a ShaeJae"

I use a high quality cotton interlock for their skin, its soft and warms with touch.

I use clean and carted wool for stuffing..  I then stuff my dolls firmly, but not rock hard.. I do like them to be soft and huggable :)

Their hair is mostly handspun by me using my spinning wheel. However, I do sometimes pruchase handspun yarns... I do my hair using a crochet cap, this allows you do do any hairstyle! NEW!! LOCKS and WEFTS! This is new to ShaeJae and I am in LOVE! Its a much more natural look to the hair, and allows a lot of styling.. Some can even be gently brushed!

Their clothing is mostly made out of 100% cotton, but I do sometimes upcycle too :)

The crochet hoodies and shawls are made from cotton or wool.

All patterns for the doll, clothing, boots, hoodies and shawl are all my origional patterns ♥

Fairies - My ShaeJae Fairies are currently only the 11" and 8" size :)

With the Fairies you get Fairy wings that are made out of high quality extra thick wool felt. The wings are cutout in my own pattern where I line it with wire for extra stability (the wire doesn't show, its covered with felt!) I then handplace Swarovski Crystal Elements that are hotfixed on.. So they are very stable! These crystals are so sparkly and beautiful ♥ The wings are easy to take on and off with a ribbon.


These dolls cannot be put into the washer or dryer.. Spot wash by hand only! If you get a little dirt on them, I find what works best is to take a microfiber washcloth wet it with cool to warm water and put a tiny dab of dishsoap on it. Rub gently in a circle.. Rince all the soap out of the washcloth and then rub the dirty spot again. Then take a dry microfiber washcloth and dab dry. Then put your doll somewhere safe to dry. The hair can be submerged in soapy water (very little soap) be sure not to get the skin part of the dolls head in the water.. While upside down ring the hair dry. Then place somewhere safe to dry.