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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DIY photo set

Ok.... After fighting with fabric to be wrinkle, bump, and fold free, I got SICK and TIRED of it and decided to do something...

So here it is!! Its my own photo set for my ShaeJaes!! I am uber excited to have something idiot proof that I can just put in front of my window or outside and know the pictures will look good :)

Yesterday my baby girl got her "big girl" dresser, and left over was this huge box!! It was sitting in my porch and I was about to throw it out the door when I had a "AHHA" moment!

 I folded the lid up and glued the crap out of it so it is rock hard, sturdy! I then took some white coloured flannel I had laying around and glued it to the cardboard! Then for some cool accent colours I took some super cute fabrics and glued them to the top :)
 The first option is to just have a white background..

 The second option is to tie the accent fabric to create a "window" look.

 and the third optionn is to lay the fabric out to cover the entire back for a spash of colour!

Best part is, when I get sick of these 2 accent fabrics I can easily remove them and add different ones :)  Wahoo!! Now if you make and sell products I recommend doing something like this!  Photos are SOOOO important!  Making your product look the best that it can, will make it sell faster :)

(PS.. If you do go through the trouble making a sweet photo set like this one.. please Please PLEASE make sure you use good lighting!! Good lighting brings out all the colours and makes your photo look clear and crisp!  Don't take a picture in your basement and then post it in your etsy store!)

Have a great day!

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  1. Love it! I have a white background but I am going to try that fabric idea...my pics def lack pizazz! I just can't seem to get the lighting right...:-/