Welcome to ShaeJae Dolls

ShaeJae Dolls was created in 2011 by Laura Greffard.. A mother of 2 daughters Jenae and Shae-Lynn.. ShaeJae is not only named after Jenae and Shae-Lynn but they are the inspiration behind it!

Thursday, 29 September 2011


I would love to hear from you!! Leave feedback on your ShaeJae Doll, Fairy or Lovie... My customer service... My clothes.. ANYTHING!  If you have something to say about ShaeJae Dolls please comment and let me know :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Welcome to ShaeJae Dolls

Welcome to ShaeJae Dolls!! My name is Laura, I started ShaeJae Dolls in the summer of 2011.  I have been in love with waldorf style dolls for many years! I love the soft faces, the big hair, the bright colours and the fact that they are 100% natural and handmade!  Once My daughters got to the age where I wanted to buy once of these amazing dolls I began to realize... I can sew.. I have access to all of the materials why don't I try making one of these myself. So I did.. And I haven't stopped since!! After giving my first doll to my daughter and the next 5 to friends I started a work at home business ShaeJae Dolls.. There are a lot of doll makers out there so I try my hardest to keep mine unique and different from the others.. I still love so many other doll makers dolls.. In fact I have a couple customs coming for my daughters for Christmas.  I love the art behind waldorf style dolls, and I want to share the love with other doll makers too :)

Here are a few of my dolls I have done so far...

As you can see I really do LOVE bright colours and BIG hair!!

Thanks for joining ShaeJae, I will be hosting many games and giveaways here... As well keep you up to date with new projects!

Have a great day!!