Welcome to ShaeJae Dolls

ShaeJae Dolls was created in 2011 by Laura Greffard.. A mother of 2 daughters Jenae and Shae-Lynn.. ShaeJae is not only named after Jenae and Shae-Lynn but they are the inspiration behind it!

Friday, 28 October 2011

ShaeJae Wuv Baby

 Introducing the NEW ShaeJae Wuv Baby

Why Wuv Baby?? Well after searching for a suitable doll for my 1 year old for Christmas I almost gave up!  Either other doll makers didn't make them or they were impossible to get! So I have been thinking about this for a while creating and playing with a pattern that is a little different then my other lovies and dolls.. I did recently find another page that I got lucky enough to get one of their babies, but I decided to go ahead and make a ShaeJae Baby :)

 Their heads are the same as my other lovies and dolls, I still use a crochet cap.. But the hair is much much shorter...
 But here ou can see still long enough to put into little pig tails... My daughter loved her, gave her a BIG hug :)
 This is what gives the wuv baby a "baby" look.. The curved leggs.  Wuv baby arms are the same as my lovies and dolls.  They are also not as stuffed, giving them a softer feel.
I named the Wuv Baby, Wuv because when my daughter says goodnight to me and says "love you" it sounds like wuv you.... I think its cute, just like this baby xoxo

Sunday, 9 October 2011

500 Fan Giveaway and Auction

Wahoo!! ShaeJae made it to 500 Fans!! Thank you ALL for being a fan of ShaeJae, I really do appreciate every single one of you!  I am planning something very special for reaching 500 fans!!

What: Multi Vendor Giveaway and Auction!  I will be creating a photo album where there will be 2 giveaways and a bunch of really great dolly items up for auction from many vendors!

When: Photo album will open Sunday October 30th and remain open for one week.. Closing November 6th.

Where: ShaeJae Doll FACEBOOK PAGE

If you create Dolly themed or inspired items and would like to be part of my giveaway auction please e-mail me with the following information (shaejae@hotmail.ca):

1. Pictures of your auction items (max of 3 per vendor)
2. Price of each item
3. Description of each item
4. Facebook page or etsy link.. If you don't have either include a made by:
5. Shipping Cost

I am also asking every vendor to include a giveaway item... I would like this giveaway item mailed to me ASAP as I am putting together 2 gift baskets for the giveaway and would love to have pictures up so everyone can see what they are winning.  In order for people to enter to win the giveaway they will have to "like" your page, so the object is to promote, advertise and have fun!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Here is a list of my prices to date.. I made a page on the top of my blog labeled "prices" for easy access :)


Doll and Lovie Prices
14" Doll range from $140-$170

11" Doll range from $110-$125
11" Fairy range from $140-$170

8" Lovies range from $70-$90
8" Fairy range from $100-120

Wuv Baby $60

Accessory Bag $35
Clothing Prices

Skinny Jeans $10
Flared Jeans $10
Linnen Pants $10
Leggings $5

Halter Dress (11" only) $15
Strapless Dress $10
Sun Dress $10
Flowy Shirt $5
Strapless Shirt $5
Wuv Baby jammies $10

Faux Fur Coat $20
Crochet Hoodies $20
Crochet Sweater $15
Crochet Shawl $10
Crochet Toque $10
Crochet Scarf $5
Wool Felt Boots $5
Crochet Boots $5
Crochet Headband (includes one flower) $5
Crochet Flower $5

FAIRY SET (8" and 11" only)- Includes: Strapless Dress, Wool Felt Wings, Crochet Boots, 3 Flower Headband $40 ($30 for 8")

SHAE SET- Includes: Flowy Shirt, Leggins, Wool Felt Boots, Shawl, Flower $25

JAE SET- Includes: Sun or Strapless Dress, Crochet Boots, Shawl, Headband $25

DIVA SET- Includes: Flowy Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Wool Felt Boots, Shawl $25

COZY SET- Includes: Strapless Shirt, Linnen Pants, Crochet Boots, Crochet Scarf with Flower, Hair Flower $25

ACCESSORIES SET- Includes: Toque, Crochet Boots, Scarf, Headband, Flower $25