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ShaeJae Dolls was created in 2011 by Laura Greffard.. A mother of 2 daughters Jenae and Shae-Lynn.. ShaeJae is not only named after Jenae and Shae-Lynn but they are the inspiration behind it!

Sunday, 2 October 2011


Here is a list of my prices to date.. I made a page on the top of my blog labeled "prices" for easy access :)


Doll and Lovie Prices
14" Doll range from $140-$170

11" Doll range from $110-$125
11" Fairy range from $140-$170

8" Lovies range from $70-$90
8" Fairy range from $100-120

Wuv Baby $60

Accessory Bag $35
Clothing Prices

Skinny Jeans $10
Flared Jeans $10
Linnen Pants $10
Leggings $5

Halter Dress (11" only) $15
Strapless Dress $10
Sun Dress $10
Flowy Shirt $5
Strapless Shirt $5
Wuv Baby jammies $10

Faux Fur Coat $20
Crochet Hoodies $20
Crochet Sweater $15
Crochet Shawl $10
Crochet Toque $10
Crochet Scarf $5
Wool Felt Boots $5
Crochet Boots $5
Crochet Headband (includes one flower) $5
Crochet Flower $5

FAIRY SET (8" and 11" only)- Includes: Strapless Dress, Wool Felt Wings, Crochet Boots, 3 Flower Headband $40 ($30 for 8")

SHAE SET- Includes: Flowy Shirt, Leggins, Wool Felt Boots, Shawl, Flower $25

JAE SET- Includes: Sun or Strapless Dress, Crochet Boots, Shawl, Headband $25

DIVA SET- Includes: Flowy Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Wool Felt Boots, Shawl $25

COZY SET- Includes: Strapless Shirt, Linnen Pants, Crochet Boots, Crochet Scarf with Flower, Hair Flower $25

ACCESSORIES SET- Includes: Toque, Crochet Boots, Scarf, Headband, Flower $25

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